"Sound, Energy, and Enormous Instruments. Amazing!"
-WWOZ 90.7, New Orleans

Rattletree has dedicated their lives to learning the ancient rhythms that have been handed down for generations to invoke ecstatic awakening through the trance inducing music of Zimbabwe.

Living with their teachers in hills of Zimbabwe, they have been granted permission to transmit these rhythms to the world. By infusing these ancient forces with the intensity of modern electronic dance music, they have created an experience that has never been witnessed before.

All are welcome. Those with a willingness to go deep have experienced places of ecstatic dance and trance that have left the most jaded electronic music fans speechless.

There is no audience and performer. This is an event that we are all collectively creating every night. All are welcome.

  • A high energy fusion that is immediately accessible, and rousing!
  • -David Courtney, KPFT Houston
  • Our students have been talking about discovering MUSIC again.
  • -Dr. Gary Westbrook, Tarleton State University



Joy EP

An exciting adventure for all ages!

Rattletree Marimba is the perfect band for any occasion where a Dance Party is what the event calls for! Giant hand-built instruments, high-energy stage presence, and a friendly atmosphere invites the audience to become active participants in the music-making process!

Rattletree Marimba is as comfortable at Music Festivals as they are at All Night Dance Parties or teaching Clinics and Workshops. The program can be tailored to play more traditional music-as is often desired at University Workshops, or to feature a more modern sound incorporating Electronica and Visual Projection which is a big hit at Dance Parties and Festivals.

Whatever your High-Energy Dance Party needs are, Rattletree Marimba will deliver an unforgettable performance that will keep the audience talking for months!

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Rattletree also offers three programs tailored to
Acoustic-Friendly Venues, Universities, Weddings, and Galas:

Kupira Marimba

Kupira Marimba

Traditional Sounds!

Kupira Marimba plays high energy fully acoustic music from Zimbabwe on GIANT wooden xylophones.

Their concerts, interactive hands-on workshops, and fun educational performances are a hit with audiences of all ages.

Perfect for:

  • Family Friendly Festivals
  • School Assemblies
  • Churches
  • Workshops and Master Classes
  • Museums
  • Private Celebrations
  • When you want a high-energy African dance party!
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Kupira Trio

Rattletree Marimba

An Eclectic Touch

Kupira Trio captures the same traditional sounds of the full band, but in a quieter format.

This program is great for events and gatherings where an interesting and eclectic mood is desired, but dancing is not the focus.

Perfect for:

  • Smaller Family Festivals
  • Museum Concert Series
  • Benefits and Galas
  • Restaurant Entertainment
  • Gallery Openings
  • Conventions & Conferences
  • When you want lively music at a moderate volume.
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Joel Laviolette Solo

Rattletree Marimba

Intimate Sounds

Joel Laviolette is honored to be one of a handful of people in the world that plays traditional Zimbabwean trance music know as matepe.

This soothing and meditative music is perfect for quiet listening environments.

Perfect for:

  • Listening Rooms
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Spiritual Gatherings
  • Restaurant Entertainment
  • Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Gallery openings
  • When you want beautiful music at a low volume.
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Kupira Marimba | Fun For The Whole Family

  • A Central Market favorite!!
  • - Sean Hopper, Central Market Austin Music/Events
  • Their energetic and engaging performance was a hit!
  • - Christine Hannah, Events Coordinator-Bullock Texas History Museum



MbiraMe EP

Perfect for Festivals and Schools!

Described as "dynamic, full of energy and engaging" (Principal Brad Wirht, Bridge Point Elementary), Kupira Marimba creates an experience that will wow audiences. Their upbeat performances interweave cultural information about the traditional music of Zimbabwe with interactive discussions and opportunities for everyone to dance. In Zimbabwe there is no difference between the audience and the performers, the whole community joins together in celebrations. Kupira Marimba's mission is to bring that sense of community to Texas and to you.

Kupira Marimba is equally at home at Family Friendly Festivals, Museums, School Assemblies, Private Parties, Master Classes/Workshops, Universities and Corporate Team Building events.

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Kupira Trio | An Eclectic Touch

  • We had NUMEROUS comments about your group! You guys really have a great thing going!
  • -Samantha Smith, Talent Buyer, Dead Fish Grill
  • Out off all the bands I booked last year, I got the best & most feedback about Rattletree.
  • -Alicia Alvarez, Talent Buyer, Blue Star Brewery


Exciting Entertainment at a Moderate Volume!

Kupira Trio is the perfect compliment to occasions where typical musical entertainment will not do. Featuring an exciting and eclectic blend of hand-built marimbas and the intricate melodies of the mbira, Kupira Trio offers listeners an opportunity to experience something very exotic and unique.

Kupira Trio is especially suited to events where the participants still want to easily talk among themselves without being overwhelmed by the volume of the music. It is especially well received at Gala's and benefits. Kupira Trio has been a favorite at many conventions and museum and gallery openings.

If you want something unique and exciting, but at a moderate volume level-Kupira Trio is just what you're looking for!

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Joel Laviolette Solo | Intimate Sounds

  • The music was beautiful, and Joel's presence was a wonderful addition to the ceremony!
  • -Christen S, Bride
  • Joel's mbira music created a warm and inviting ambiance as guests arrived.
  • -Jamie L., Bride



Laviolette CD

Beautiful, Meditative Music for your Special Occasions.

Joel Laviolette is honored to be one of a handful of people in the world that plays the incredibly beautiful music known as mbira. The mbira is the sacred instrument of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

The sounds of the mbira have been described as musical rain, and often leaves listeners mesmerized and speechless. This sacred music is especially powerful at Wedding Ceremonies and Spiritual Gatherings. The music is appropriate for occasions where a deep listening or meditative environment is desired. This may also include Gallery Openings and in intimate Restaurant environments.

As the mbira is used for many of life's transitions, Joel is also available to play music for birth and death ceremonies.

If you are looking for music that can help create a beautiful and sacred space, Joel Laviolette's solo mbira music is what you have been searching for.

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